Course Reflection

1) My favorite post this class would have to be lesson 4-2 about animal rights. I enjoyed this because this is a topic that really sparks my interest. I feel as tho I really got my point across and posted what my view exactly are. Lesson 4-2

My least favorite post is lesson 5-2. It is my least favorite because it is a topic that I do not like to really talk about. It is very hard to get on the same page with others about this,  and some people have very very strong view about abortion. Lesson 5-2

The hardest post I have writing was 6-1. I find deciphering these types of article is very difficult for me. I think that reading and understanding this is difficult enough, let alone answering questions on it. Lesson 6-1

The post I learned the most from would be my principles. I think i was able to really get a good stand and realize what my views actually are. My Principles

2) I think the most interesting thing I learned in this course is my own views and morals. This is something I never really have ever taken the time to sit down and think about. This course has told me a lot about my self and realized how I live my life. I think I will take what I learned about my self and hopefully live a happy life. 

3) I don’t think my view point changed at all, but I think my view point became stronger. As I said before, I never really have thought about these ideas much before, and this class pushed me to dig a little bit. 

4) If I were to teach this course I think it would be similar to how you’ve taught it. I would include a lot of the similar posts and ideas that you have included. Include a little about our first ever philosophers with a combination of todays morals and views. 



Final Project Part 4

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia is a dual purpose novel that talks about how to get rich, but teaches a moral lesson as well. It is a story of a man’s life who has a lot to live for, but thinks money can strengthen his happiness even more, but turns out stripping everything away from him. In the end I think that he realizes what it takes to be happy and never needed any of the cray things he did or have.



Ethics Final W

Final Project Part 3

We’ve read, talked about and learned about many theories and philosophers in this class. The main philosopher I agrees most with was Aristotle. Aristotle is also the one I think connects to this book the best. Aristotle talked a lot about being happy. His philosophy was that the ultimate goal in life is happiness. I feel as though the mans goal in life in this book was to be happy. However his ideas on being happy were not the right ones. He thought that being rich and having a lot of friends, and getting what he wants would make him very happy. In reality this man did become rich, but eventually looses all his money, his friends, his marriage, and end up in the hospital. Unfortunately this man dies, with out any of the things he once enjoyed. I don’t think he died unhappy because in the end I think he realizes what it actually takes to be happy.

To be honest I do not read many books, unless I am required to. This book was definitely different than the other books I have read. The characters were known as nouns rather than names like in most books. Also I found it hard to follow the story line at some points, and felt as though the author did a bad job in connecting things as well. This book was hard for me to read. The main reason is because if I do not like a book by the first few chapters I won’t keep reading. I get very impatient with books. If they do not keep me connected and engaged I will not finish them. I wanted to stop reading many times in this book and felt as though it dragged on a lot.

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia reiterated what I think some people think is happiness, when in reality it is the complete opposite. Money cannot buy happiness, money connot buy friends and family in life, which ninety nine percent of the time is what brings you happiness in life.

Final Project Part 2


Caring for his family, taking care of his mother, and then father after his mother passes (morally right)

The Manager taking care of his workers and employees above and beyond (morally right)

His ex-wife footing his medical bills even though they were not together (morally right)

Stealing DVDs (morally wrong)

Numerous amounts of lying (morally wrong)

Leaving the man to die on the ground (morally wrong)

Thinking about other women while being married (morally wrong)


The Ex-wife (virtuous) Stayed with ex-husband even when no longer together

The Parents (virtuous) Giving children all they can

The Matriarch (virtuous) Paying for medical bills

The Man (not virtuous) Stealing

Marketing Manager (not virtuous) Fooling the pretty girl


Making a lot of money (pleasurable)

Getting married (pleasurable)

Having children (pleasurable)

Being divorced (sufferable)

Being sick in the hospital (sufferable)

Loosing everything you once had (sufferable

Final Project Part 1

How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia by Mohsin Hamid isn’t my favorite type of book, and probably wouldn’t run back to read it again or another one like it. However Mohsin Hamid does make good points, and there are some things to learn and take out of the book. I do see why the assignment is to read a book like this, because it ties together the lesson we have been talking and reading about all semester. It all goes back to thinking happiness can be found in being very rich and wealthy, but a lot of the times ends up not being the case. Even though I am not a fan of these type of books, it is good to read about this boys life and pull a life lesson out of it. I thought the author did a good job of including the romance, religion and politics with out diving into them too much. The book really makes you stop and think about life in ways most normally wouldn’t. The book really shows that there is so much more in life than money and being wealthy, and thats the one part I did like about it.

Lesson 6-2

I am american. I am part Italian and Swedish. My culture however has change from those of my ancestors. My community consists of my family and close friends, along with the town that I live in. I think my community with those who are around me like my family influence my views and ways of life the most. My parents have passed on the most things that make up my view and way of life.

Three values I hold that I think are most important are, Loyalty, Respect, and Honesty. My family has given me these views, and treat each other with loyalty, and respect, along with repeating the community and town in which I live.

This class has made me think and realize a lot of things that I normally never would have. I have read and learned a lot about different cultures and views of life. Different readings and assignments during this course have opened up my eyes and made me think about different people both currently and in past history. I think I stand strongly right now with the goal of being happy. There is a lot that goes into being happy, and living life that way is a good route.


I chose this picture, because I agree with it 100%. I think this is a good base to start thinking about your moral view.

Lesson 6-1

“In an ancient writing, the Greek historian Herodotus (485‑430 B.C.) relates that the Persian King Darius once called into his presence some Greeks and asked them what he should pay them to eat the bodies of their fathers when they died. They replied that no sum of money would tempt them to do such a terrible deed; whereupon Darius sent for certain people of the Callatian tribe, who eat their fathers, and asked them in the presence of the Greeks what he should give them to burn the bodies of their fathers at their deceas [as the Greeks do]. The Callatians were horrified at the thought and bid him desist in such terrible talk. So Herodotus concludes, “Culture is King o’er all.””(Who’s to judge-Louis Pojman)

This paragraph is talking about two different types of people. One type of person does something that the other person would never ever do. It would be like having one person say they believe eating insects makes them feel better, and having the other person say they would never ever do that.

I chose this paragraph because I get very interested in different parts of the world, and different types of people. I do not dislike any parts of this paragraph. I understand people all over the world have their on ways and views of living.

I agree, one person in a culture has no right to judge one person of another culture.

I believe the argument against subjectivism is convincing. Subjectivism states that every person can make up their own morals. What they need to understand is other people also have their own morals. It is convincing because if every one has different morals and view, how can we consider them morals?

I also think the argument against conventional relativism is also strong and convincing. If one person follows their own culture but challenges others cutler isn’t it a bit hypocritical? They should not be able to judge other values or beliefs. But what if judging is part of their culture? As you can see this clearly wouldn’t work.

People do make moral judgements. I do believe everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I think that it is possible to make judgements and yes people do. However I do not think that it is always on purpose.


Lesson 5-3

I am a male. I feel good about my life and who I am, and being a male. I think being a male adds to my overall identity. I think my ethical views are ethics of justice. Most of my views side with finding justice in any issues, or events.

I am very lucky to have my best friend in my life. My best friend is my girlfriend Meghan. We have trust in each other, decide on things easily together, take on responsibilities together, love and care very much about each other. Luckily for us is it easy for us to keep these things in our relationship. For some people, unfortunately it is harder for them. I do not believe you can have more than one best friend. I do think you can have many very good friends however. I think there is qualities in a best friend that you can only have with one person. Image

Lesson 5-2

  • I think that aborting a fetus for what ever reasons in your life, is up to you. I think some people have abortions for what ever reason in their lives. I think to abort a fetus solely because the fetus has trisomy 21 is completely wrong and immoral. I think a pregnant woman has a moral obligation to have a baby with or without trisomy 21. I think they have a moral obligation to think that their baby is going to be their baby and love it the same wether it has trisomy 21 or not.
  • Absolutely not are there any circumstances that would justify aborting a child with Down syndrome. If the pregnancy is wanted than its want, period end of story, there’s not changing that. If for ever reason the pregnancy is not wanted and the mother cannot go through with it than that is her own decision and down syndrome or not it should not even be brought up.
  • I think that testing for the baby’s outcome is not wrong. I think there is a lot of planning and what not that goes into having a baby. I think testing for the baby’s health and wether or not a miscarriage will come into play is important for the mother to know. I think any mother should know as much info as possible about the baby. What she does with that information is up to her and her moral responsibility.
  • I think some moral thoughts on this issue are to always stay happy, welcome a new born and a new life into this world no matter what. Not everyone has the chance to have this experience and become a mother. I think it is very important for those who are able to bring a new life to this earth to do so.

An article I found a lot of information about down syndrome was here…

Lesson 4-3

I do have pets, but not your average pets. I never grew up with or ever had a dog, or a cat, or anything like that, that are average pets. There were allergy restrictions in my house that kept us from having a dog. I do have fish though. I’ve had fish for a long time. I started with fresh water fish, but now I have saltwater fish. I have a 220 gallon salt water reef tank. The tank is filled with numerous corals and anemones, along with many different fish, sting rays, and sharks. Keeping this tank up and running is a very time consuming, hard and sometimes very difficult hobby. However it can be very exciting, and rewarding at the same time.

I do not have any restrictions on my diet. I have tried many types of food. Some I like and some I am not very fond of. I have tried everything from seafood, and types of fish, to venison, black bear, and even squirrel and rabbit. One of the most recent things I tried was frog legs, that were actually very good.

I do know a lot of people with dogs and cats. I am definitely more of a dog person than a cat person. I love visiting my friends who have dogs. My brother has a Mastiff and she is very big! She’s fun to play with and be around as well. She is a very good, obeying pet.

I think judging by the paragraphs above, it shows that I am not afraid to try anything. It shows that I do like pets, and just because I don’t have a dog doesn’t mean I dislike them. Even though I try different types of animals as food, I hope you don’t think I do not care about animals, because I do Image

This photo shows my saltwater tank, and only includes some of many species I have.